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April 29th, 2009 - James Antill

Apr. 29th, 2009

06:57 pm - BugZilla feature of the year -- recent (commented) history

Something I've wanted for a long time is "show me the BugZilla tickets which I've looked at "recently" (last day, week, etc.). Like almost everyone else I speak to I get by saving all my bugzilla email and then doing seartches in evolution.

However today ajaxxx found/used advanced bugzilla search options to give a page which has the recent most history of comments you've done. This isn't quite the same as being able to see everything that you've looked at, but it's pretty close.

The url and the saved search

The search works due to two "advanced features: 1. Selecting yourself as the commentator: <field0-1-0=commenter>, <type0-1-0=equals>, and <value0-1-0=%user%> and 2. Selecting comment changes that happened after 8 days ago <field0-0-0=longdesc>, <type0-0-0=changedafter>, and <value0-0-0=8d>. The "8d" part can obviously be changed to reflect different history. To experience the feature a full working URL is: here

I also created a saved search called Commented in last 8 days. You may also want to change your column layout to include the changed time (alas. I don't know of any way to create a custom view for just a single search, *sigh*).

Bonus: search for bad attachment types

Another problem I hit a lot is that python code tracebacks in plain text, but users often leave the "crash" as the default application/octet-stream ... which means it can't be viewed. Really I'd like BugZilla to notice this, and fix it. But after seeing the above search I created: YUM* weird attachments, which searches for any BZ (belonging to the yum group) that has an attachment of type application-octet/stream that isn't obsoleted. Then it's a simple matter of manually fixing the problem bugs.

Update: 2009-04-30 --

Thanks to mcepl, I've now fixed the "shared" links so the should work for everyone != me :).

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