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James Antill

Oct. 8th, 2009

05:15 pm - Multiple problems with multiple versions

I've now seen a few requests for yum which can be generalized as "work better with multiple versions of packages". So I decided to write this, instead of replying N times to all the different requests.

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Aug. 29th, 2008

08:49 pm - Programming with Yum in 5 minutes, or so

There are a lot of lines of code in yum, and it can be somewhat intimidating at first glace. However a significant amount of effort has been made to make simple things easy, and the hard things not so hard. The start of any code using yum, will almost certainly have these four lines (and always the first and last one :).

    1 #! /usr/bin/python -tt
    3 import os
    4 import sys
    5 import yum

Those lines just tell python, you'd you'd like to be able to use the yum code, and some stuff for the OS. Next the first bit of real code, and something which is also in almost every piece of code using yum:

    7 yb = yum.YumBase()

This creates a yum instance, that you can work with. Then one more piece, that is very useful:

    9 yb.conf.cache = os.geteuid() != 0

This just tells the yum instance not to try and update any of it's data, as the caller of the script probably hasn't got the permissions to do so.

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May. 6th, 2008

02:22 am - Python uses too much memory?

There's a common attack leveled against Python applications that they take up too much memory, by people who understand the language difference (against, say, C) and by people just looking at their process list. This is often esp. evident on the newer x86_64 computers.

So as the Fedora Python maintainer, and a yum developer (an application written mostly using python), I figured it was probably worth investigating what the difference really was.

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