James Antill (illiterat) wrote,

A few things you might not know about RHEL-6.1+ yum

Time to look at a few features of yum in RHEL-6.1 now that it's released

Tags: package management, rhel, yum


December 19 2011, 18:37:41 UTC 2 years ago

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Thanks for the work on yum

Is yum perfect? Obviously not; nothing is. But doggone it, it sure has made sysadmin of RPM-based boxes a lot easier than before we had yum (or yup, its predecessor). Thanks to yum, I made a little bash/Expect script that logs into all my boxes and does the updates, all automagically, and reboots the box if necessary, i. e. if there's a kernel or glibc update.

Thanks for your continued work on this tool.


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