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May. 23rd, 2011

11:07 am - Re: provides == fileprovides?

From what I've seen that is the (much) less common usage

I guess we're just exposed to different demographics then, because I've never seen anyone use it for anything else, myself included.

what files do you lookup frequently?

So a typical example would be pulling a repo for a new project at work. To give a real life example from last week, trying to run the app in question gave the following python error:

ImportError: No module named matplotlib
So I ran yum provides "*/matplotlib" to find out which package I need to install. But in general, any app that fails to find a file for any particular reason tends to push me in the direction of yum provides, whether it's a missing shared object or a config or similar file that something looks for at run time. Is it something I use every day? No, not even close, but I'd say once every few weeks, which makes the */foo an annoyance when foo used to work just fine. I'd be happier with yum fileprovides than the current wildcard hack as a means to tell yum that I really am looking for a file, so it needs to load filelists.

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