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Post a comment - James Antill

Aug. 1st, 2009


11:04 pm

Well one point you missed here is this:

app X does foo slower than app Y does foo.

For the user this means that X is worse than Y, the details about the implementation that causes this is irrelevant here (Y uses a cache while X does not, or X performs this additional steps).

Such benchmarks are not really helpful in finding and fixing issues, but the fact that X is slower when doing foo _is_ a problem (be it inefficient code or bad/worse design decision does not matter for the user).

Take this as an example: app A starts 20% faster than app B, so people will complain that B is worse here, B might be just doing more tasks on startup, but the user does not care about this the end result is that B _is_ slower at startup.

(well ok startup is not really a "task" but you should get the point).

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