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Post a comment - James Antill

Jan. 25th, 2010

05:36 pm - Re: Even bigger problem...

I assume you are talking about gpk-applications's "package collections" UI. But that's not yum's problem, IMO. The problem there is PK designing the UI for the LCD, which is group == single fixed collection of packages ... which isn't what the word "group" has ever meant to yum or Fedora and I seriously doubt it's what any user wants.

The newer gpk-app's also have the real groups UI on Fedora, and that's much better (giving you a browsable tree) ... but it still doesn't map very well to what Fedora/yum provide, and again I have a hard time blaming anything but PK for that failed mapping.

I also don't see how the yum side could make PK's life easier, even if we implemented some of the proposals to make groups "easier" (like making groups real objects, so they update etc.) ... that would require even more work on the PK side to represent that. About the only thing we could do is regress groups to the state of meta-packages, which is what Debian/Ubuntu uses.

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