James Antill (illiterat) wrote,

Understanding groups in yum

Every now and again someone will will ask a question about groups in yum that amounts to:

If I do "groupinstall xyz" and then I do "groupremove xyz" why do I not end up where I started.

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January 23 2010, 10:23:21 UTC 4 years ago

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Even bigger problem...

The biggest problem I see with yum and groups is the way how yum determines if a group is installed or not: Ether all mandatory packages need to be installed or - if there are no mandatory packages in that group - at least one optional package. It's hard to follow this logic and impossible to visualize this in a UI. This means that it's impossible to install a group with gnome-packagekit because it is already shown as installed.

Say I just have the core components (mandatory packages) of a group installed and want to get the default package selection I would get with yum groupinstall. How would I do this graphically? Impossible!


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