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Understanding why YUM seems "slow", and some instant solutions

The previous entry was more of a general explanation about YUM speed and that if used in it's normal environment how current YUM is often more than fast enough, this entry is going to be a companion to it but focus on specific things that might make YUM appear slow but would better be described as using it suboptimally.

Note that I'm still not going to directly compare to other tools as I'm not as familiar with them and, as I said in the previous article, the tools are designed so differently that they don't lend themselves to comparisons. Also, as I also said before, if something is fine if it takes less than 10 seconds if two tools take 6 seconds and 4 seconds it doesn't really matter if yum is the faster (again, see the previous post, this should not be the end goal IMO).

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October 17 2008, 04:45:52 UTC 5 years ago

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Re: filelists.sqlite.bz2

Well yum is almost certainly the best for constrained metadata download bandwidth, due to the fact it will (by default) only download the file or changelog data when yum needs it to do some operation (most of the other options want to download everything at once). So in the simple case of installing a single package, it's very likely that you can just download the "primary" metadata file.

But, yeh, even so that can still be relatively large if you want to install a small package over a modem. yum-presto will be available/integrated in Fedora 10, which I think is a step in the direction that'll help (it provides/uses delta information).

I don't think we want to standardise anything right now, because I don't think anyone knows what the final solution is going to look like (repo. metadata was only standardised after a few different people had tried different things, and the problem was fairly well understood -- and it's still far from "perfect"). But saying that, we do keep in touch with the SuSE/zypp developers.


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