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Oct. 16th, 2008


10:32 pm - Re: filelists.sqlite.bz2

Downloading the meta data files every time there is an update in the repository (possibly as little as one rpm among thousands) is inefficient. Over my dial-up connection (there are still many of us out here) it takes almost two hours to download all the meta data.

What is needed is a new organization of the meta data on the server so that smaller downloads suffice for installation of a package and its dependencies. Even a full update shouldn't require downloading all the meta data because most systems have only a small subset of all available packages installed.

Ideally, this new data organization would be a joint effort between the createrepo, apt-rpm, smartpm, red carpet and yum projects (the projects using the current format according to the createrepo project page).

None the less, I prefer yum to rpm and I am looking forward to the improvements in the new release, whenever RHEL/CentOS catch up with it.

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