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Fedora Kernel update causes: mkrootdev expected fs options - James Antill

Apr. 24th, 2007

12:14 am - Fedora Kernel update causes: mkrootdev expected fs options

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I'm mainly dropping this somewhere so other people can find it, I recently did a kernel update and when I rebooted I got:

mkrootdev expected fs options
mount: missing mount point
setuproot: moving /dev/failed no such file or directory
setuproot: error mounting /proc
setuproot: error mounting /sys
switchroot: mount failed No such file or directory
kernel panic

...it turns out this was because I'd somehow got two / entries in /etc/fstab, as I found from this posting. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you also have a copy of /etc/fstab in the initrd, so after fixing /etc/fstab you'll want to re-run the postinstall scriptlet (rpm -q --scripts kernel), Ie. /sbin/new-kernel-pkg --package kernel --mkinitrd --depmod --install <kernel version>


Date:January 7th, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)

Thank you

Thank you. This was a very helpful posting.

I just upgraded my FC7 kernel from to and had exactly the same symptoms you report here. Your remedies worked just as well:

1) remove the extra "/" entry from /etc/fstab
2) re-run the post install script

The question becomes: why doesn't the kernel upgrade perform the necessary postinstall script?

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Date:February 13th, 2010 10:23 pm (UTC)

A second thank you

An aside: it is unnecessary to rerun the rpm install scripts after fixing /etc/fstab. One only needs to run mkinitrd on the updated kernel module that was installed in /lib/module e.g.

$ /sbin/mkinitrd /boot/initrd-#.#.##-##.fc#.i586 #.#.##-##.fc#.i586
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