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September 22nd, 2005 - James Antill

Sep. 22nd, 2005

12:59 pm - And-httpd and security

Well after using, what is now, And-httpd personally for many months, I've finally released an official version, seperate from Vstr. I've also backed it up with a $500 "security guarantee", and I'm not sure if that's stupid or "insightful", I guess time will tell. There are scarily huge amount of web servers at freshmeat ... which makes me wonder why apache-httpd is still so popular, but I guess quality is different from quantity ... and most Linux distributions are reluctant to ship more than one of anything, and given you have to ship apache-httpd that kind of settles it. *sigh*.

Anyway, after releasing promises of money in return for security bugs (which I'm assuming I won't have to pay, but then I think professional poker players assume they'll win too) I'm going for a long weekend away from a computer. So don't feel too depsondent when I don't respond to messages that I'm stupid, and almost certainly $500 poorer :).

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